IS = { zkontrolovano 16 Dec 2007 },
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  annote = { This thesis proposes a complete object recognition
    system, which includes content-driven extraction of repeatable
    image regions, extraction of local coordinate systems covariant
    with local affine transformations, geometrically and
    photometrically invariant representation of local object
    appearance, and an efficient organisation of the object database,
    which allows for fast recognition response. The system achieves
    close to real-time recognition and localisation of multiple
    objects in general scenes, and in performance compares well with
    other state-of-the-art methods.  A new type of decision tree is
    proposed as a database organisation that supports matching in time
    sublinear with respect to the number of objects in the database
    (thousands of objects).  },
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                 Matching, Sublinear indexing},
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