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                  (semi)autonomous robotics. Part icularly, we focus
                  on how to achieve safe behavior of a robot if it is
                  requested to perform ex ploration of unknown
                  states. Presented methods are studied from the
                  viewpoint of reinforcement learning, a
                  partially-supervised machine learning method. To
                  collect training data for this a lgorithm, the robot
                  is required to freely explore the state space -
                  which can lead to possibly dangerous situations. The
                  role of safe exploration is to provide a framework
                  allowing explora tion while preserving safety. The
                  examined methods range from simple algorithms to
                  sophisticat ed methods based on previous experience
                  or state prediction. Our overview also addresses the
                  i ssues of how to define safety in the real-world
                  applications (apparently absolute safety is un
                  achievable in the continuous and random real
                  world). In the conclusion we also suggest several
                  ways that are worth researching more thoroughly.},
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