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  annote = {Parallel MRI is a way to use multiple receiver coils with
    distinct spatial sensitivities to increase the speed of the MRI
    acquisition. The acquisition is speeded up by undersampling in the
    phase-encoding direction and the resulting data loss and aliasing
    is compensated for by the use of the additional information
    obtained from several receiver coils. The task is to reconstruct
    an unaliased image from a series of aliased images. We have
    proposed an algorithm called PROBER that takes advantage of the
    smoothness of the reconstruction transformation in space. B-spline
    functions are used to approximate the reconstruction
    transformation. Their coefficients are estimated at once
    minimizing the total expected reconstruction error. This makes the
    reconstruction less sensitive to noise in the reference images and
    areas without signal in the image. We show that this approach
    outperforms the SENSE and GRAPPA reconstruction methods for
    certain coil configurations. In this article, we propose another
    improvement, consisting of a continuous representation of the
    B-splines to evaluate the error instead of the discretely sampled
    version. This solves the undersampling issues in the discrete
    B-spline representation and offers higher reconstruction quality
    which has been confirmed by experiments. The method is compared
    with the discrete version of PROBER and with commercially used
    algorithms GRAPPA and SENSE in terms of artifact suppression and
    reconstruction SNR.},
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