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  annote = {Parallel MRI (pMRI) is a way to use the data obtained
    simultaneously from several receiver coils with distinct spatial
    sensitivities to increase the speed of the MRI acquisition. The
    idea is to sample more sparsely during the acquisition and
    compensate the decrease of the data amount by the use of several
    coils. The total acquisition time is thus reduced. The key
    contribution of this work is a design of a reconstruction
    algorithm with emphasis on the speed of the reconstruction and the
    suppression of artifacts. The reconstruction minimizes the square
    difference error. The currently available methods (SENSE, mSENSE)
    estimate the reconstruction transformation independently in each
    image point. We propose an algorithm that uses the fact that the
    coil sensitivities are smooth in space. A grid of B-splines is
    used to represent the coefficients of the reconstruction
    transformation. This reduces the number of estimated variables and
    thus speeds up the estimation. It also makes the method robust to
    noise during the estimation. The B-spline representation is
    continuous. It has the advantages of scalability and
    differentiability, which is useful for computing and minimizing of
    the reconstruction error. The method was tested on a synthetic and
    real data. No major artifacts were observed and the square
    difference error is also small. The results are comparable in
    quality to the results of the other available methods. Our method
    was found to be comparable or faster.},
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