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  annote =   {The main objective of our research is to develop an
                  algorithm for parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging
                  (pMRI). pMRI uses images obtained simultaneously from
                  several receiver coils with distinct spatial sensitivities
                  to increase the speed of the MRI acquisition. The idea is to
                  subsample the images during the acquisition. The aliasing
                  that inevitably occurs in the images is compensated by the
                  use of several coils. In this report we summarize the basic
                  principles of MRI acquisition and also the state-of-the-art
                  of the pMRI. We also present a novel reconstruction
                  algorithm for pMRI. We focus on the speed of the
                  reconstruction and minimizing of the square reconstruction
                  error. The key improvement of this work is that we use a
                  B-spline regularization of the reconstruction coefficients
                  in order to reduce the number of parameters and thus make
                  the method faster and more robust to noise.},
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