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annote =      {Object detection is a classic task in computer
                  vision. WaldBoost algorithm is a state-of-the-art
                  method for object detection due its high detection
                  accuracy and real-time speed. However, since the
                  traditional scanning window method classifies all
                  the windows independently and doesn't make use of
                  the information shared among overlapping windows,
                  there is still a possibility of a significant
                  speed-up by exploiting this property. We evaluate
                  number of scanning patterns and predictors for
                  spatially adjacent windows, inspired by work of
                  Hradi{\v s} et. al. Furthermore, we generalize this
                  idea from spatially adjacent widows to multiple
                  scales and propose {WaldBoost with Crosstalk
                  Prediction}. Evaluating on a state-of-the-art
                  dataset for face detection, we show that a
                  significant speed-up can be achieved with {WaldBoost
                  with Crosstalk Prediction} with no or a little loss
                  of precision, outperforming the reference method of
                  Hradi{\v s} et. al.},
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