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annote =      {Repetitive patterns typically arise from man-made objects
               and are ubiquitous in image collec- tions. Because of their
               highly repetitive structure, imaged patterns violate
               statistical assump- tions typically made in scene
               understanding algorithms, often negatively impacting
               algorithm efficacy. Conversely, repetitive patterns could
               be detected and modeled so that their distinctive
               structures are leveraged to uniquely characterize the
               scenes in which they are present. With that goal in mind,
               this thesis presents a novel method for the automated
               detection and sparse 3-D reconstruction of imaged co-planar
               repetitive patterns. The proposed method applies to a very
               general class of patterns that encompasses nearly all
               man-made patterns. Particular contribu- tions include a new
               set of geometric constraints to eliminate the geometric
               ambiguity between the imaged and scene pattern, a method to
               reconstruct the pattern’s motif, and a robust frame-
               work that successfully detects and reconstructs patterns in
               the presence of clutter and imaged from lens distorted
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