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                  the viewpoint requires identification of common regions
                  across different range images and then establishing point
                  correspondences in these regions. We formulate this as a
                  graph-based optimization problem. More specifically, we
                  define a graph in which each vertex represents a putative
                  match of two points, each edge represents binary consistency
                  decision between two matches, and each edge orientation
                  represents match quality from worse to better putative
                  match. Then strict sub-kernel defined in the graph is
                  maximized. The maximum strict sub-kernel algorithm enables
                  us to uniquely determine the largest consistent matching of
                  points. To evaluate the quality of a single match, we employ
                  the histogram of triple products that are generated by all
                  surface normals in a point neighborhood. Our experimental
                  results show the effectiveness of our method for coarse
                  range image registration.},
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