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  annote = {We propose a novel MRF-based model for deformable image
    matching (also known as registration). The deformation is
    described by a field of discrete variables, representing
    displacements of (blocks of) pixels. Discontinuities in the
    deformation are prohibited by imposing hard pairwise constraints
    in the model. Exact maximum a posteriori inference is intractable
    and we apply a linear programming relaxation technique.  We show
    that, when reformulated in the form of two coupled fields of x-
    and y- displacements, the problem leads to a simpler relaxation to
    which we apply the TRW-S (Sequential Tree-Reweighted Message
    passing) algorithm [Wainwright-03, Kolmogorov-05]. This enables
    image registration with large displacements at a single scale. We
    employ fast message updates for a special type of interaction as
    was proposed [Felzenszwalb and Huttenlocher-04] for the
    max-product Belief Propagation (BP) and introduce a few
    independent speedups. In contrast to BP, the TRW-S allows us to
    compute per-instance approximation ratios and thus to evaluate the
    quality of the optimization. The performance of our technique is
    demonstrated on both synthetic and real-world experiments.},
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