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  annote = {We propose a novel MRF-based model for image
    matching. Given two images, the task is to estimate a mapping from
    one image to another, in order to maximize the matching
    quality. We consider mappings defined by discrete deformation
    field constrained to preserve 2-dimensional continuity. We
    approach the corresponding optimization problem by the TRW-S
    (sequential Tree-reweighted message passing) algorithm
    [Wainwright-03, Kolmogorov-05]. Our model design allows for a
    considerably wider class of natural transformation and yields a
    compact representation of the optimization task. For this model
    TRW-S algorithm demonstrated nice practical performance on our
    experiments. We also propose a concise derivation of the TRW-S
    algorithm as a sequential maximization of the lower bound on the
    energy function.},
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