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  annote =	 {The work deals with the task of robotic
    perception/manipulation with soft materials, in particular with
    clothes and garments. It is part of the diploma thesis project of
    the first author. The report serves two main purposes. First, it
    surveys related work. Second, it outlines a subproblem, namely the
    task how the cloth (garment) should be modeled/represented to
    enable robotic tasks such as folding the garment, sorting a heap
    of washes coming out of a dryer. The full scale physical modeling
    (based on partial differential equations and their finite elements
    method solutions) is given up because of its complexity. Our
    approach is based on the assumption that the cloth/garment has
    natural and relatively stable intermediate states of minimal
    energy. There are basic action which allow to transfer the cloth
    from such a stable state to another one. It is also believed that
    set o basic actions performing such transitions can be
    designed. The actual proposal of the report is in outlining
    possible representation of the manipulated cloth.},
  keywords =	 {soft robotics, perception, action, soft materials