IS =     {nedostalo se do IS protoze chybi vydavatel 09 Jan
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  Title =   { Model Acquisition and Matching in Tagged Object
  Pages =   { 601-604 },
  Abstract =   { General object recognition is difficult. We had
                  proposed a novel solution for object recognition in
                  an unconstrained environment using a tag
                  (Matas\cite{Matas97}). This simplifies the problem
                  by placing tags of special pattern on the objects
                  that allows us to determine the pose easily. A
                  robust calibration chart detector was developed for
                  the first stage of the solution
                  (Soh\cite{Soh97}). This paper investigates the next
                  part of the solution, i.e. the model acquisition and
                  matching using the Chamfer matching algorithm. The
                  algorithm is reasonably simple to implement and very
                  efficient in terms of computation. We experiment
                  with this technique extensively to prove the
                  reliability of the approach. Using this approach,
                  the objective of Tagged Object Recognition (TOR) can
                  be realised and we should be able to perform object
                  recognition wherever a tag is located. The
                  technology will facilitate applications in landmark
                  and object recognition, mobile robot navigation and
                  scene modelling. },
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