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    strategies: the labial straightwire (SW) technique and the lingual
    two-dimensional (2D) technique on the lower dental arch. The
    sample included 50 subjects (39 females and 11 males) with a
    complete dentition and an Angle Class I malocclusion with crowding
    who were treated non-extraction. The subjects were divided into
    two groups: group A, consisted of 25 patients (19 females and 6
    males), who were treated with the lingual 2D technique, and group
    B, 25 patients (20 females and 5 males) treated using the labial
    SW appliance (Roth system). Changes in the position of the lower
    incisors to the A-Po and mandibular lines were measured on
    cephalograms and those in the transverse and sagittal planes on
    individual sectors of the dental arch from 2D images of model
    casts obtained before and after the active phase of orthodontic
    treatment. Standard statistical methods were used for evaluation.},
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