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  annote =   {Autonomous navigation, site modelling and surveillance
                  applications all benefit from using panoramic 360 degree
                  images. Catadioptric omnidirectional sensors, consisting of
                  a camera and a mirror, can track objects even while the
                  robot is making sudden and significant turns. There has been
                  much debate and theoretical analysis recently concerning the
                  relative merits of several possible shapes of mirrors to be
                  used by such sensors. This work explains that the conical
                  mirror has significant advantages over other shapes of
                  mirrors. It then shows that the true perspective projection
                  unwarping can be produced from conical mirror images,
                  something that has hitherto been considered possible only
                  with elliptic, parabolic and hyperbolic mirrors that possess
                  the single viewpoint geometry. Finally, the design of an
                  omnidirectional stereo system with two coaxial conical
                  mirrors is presented and the appropriate triangulation
                  formula is derived.},
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  comment =   { Dr. Spacek research report from his stay in Prague as
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