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                  traditionally employs features like SIFT, GIST and
                  HOG. While features work very well for two images
                  related to each other by small camera
                  transformations, we commonly observe a drop in
                  performance for patches representing scene elements
                  visualized from a very different perspective. Since
                  increasing the space of considered local
                  transformations for feature matching decreases their
                  discriminative abilities, we propose a more global
                  approach inspired by the recent success of monocular
                  scene understanding. In particular we propose to
                  reconstruct a box-like model of the scene from every
                  single image and use it to rectify images before
                  matching. We show that a monocular scene model
                  reconstruction and rectification preceding standard
                  feature matching significantly improves keypoint
                  matching and dramatic ally improves reconstruction
                  of difficult indoor scenes.},
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