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  annote = { A method for the detection of bubble-like transparent
    objects with multiple interfaces in a liquid is
    proposed. Depending on the lighting conditions, bubble appearance
    varies significantly, including contrast reversal and multiple
    inter-reflections. We formulate the bubble detection problem as
    the detection of Concentric Circular Arrangements (CCA).  The CCAs
    are recovered in a hypothesize-optimizeverify framework. The
    hypothesis generation proceeds by sampling from the components of
    the non-maximum suppressed responses of oriented ridge filters
    followed by CCA parameter estimation. Parameter optimization is
    carried out by minimizing a novel cost-function by the simplex
    method. The proposed method for bubble detection showed good
    performance in an industrial application requiring estimation of
    gas volume in pulp suspension, achieving 1.5% mean absolute
    relative error.  },
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