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  annote =	 {A novel approach to visual leaf identification is
                  proposed.  A leaf is represented by a pair of local
                  feature histograms, one computed from the leaf
                  interior, the other from the border.  The
                  histogrammed local features are an improved version
                  of a recently proposed rotation and scale invariant
                  descriptor based on local binary patterns (LBPs).
                  Describing the leaf with multi-scale histograms of
                  rotationally invariant features derived from sign-
                  and magnitude-LBP provides a desirable level of
                  invariance. The representation does not use colour.
                  Using the same parameter settings in all experiments
                  and standard evaluation protocols, the method
                  outperforms the state-of-the-art on all tested leaf
                  sets - the Austrian Federal Forests d ataset, the
                  Flavia dataset, the Foliage dataset, the Swedish
                  dataset and the Midd le European Woods dataset -
                  achieving excellent recognition rates above 99% .
                  Preliminary results on images from the jnorth and
                  south regions of Franc e obtained from the
                  LifeCLEF'14 Plant task dataset indicate that the
                  propos ed method is also applicable to recognizing
                  the environmental conditions the plant has been
                  exposed to.},
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