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 annote =	 {A family of novel texture representations called Ffirst, the
                 Fast Features Invariant to Rotation and Scale of Texture, is
                 introduced. New rotation invariants are proposed, extending
                 the LBP-HF features, improving the recognition
                 accuracy. Using the full set of LBP features, as opposed to
                 uniform only, leads to further improvement. Linear Support
                 Vector Machines with an approximate $chi^2$-kernel map are
                 used for fast and precise classification. Experimental
                 results show that Ffirst exceeds the best reported results
                 in texture classification on three difficult texture
                 datasets KTH-TIPS2a, KTH-TIPS2b and ALOT, achieving 88%,
                 76% and 96% accuracy respectively. The recognition rates
                 are above 99% on standard texture datasets KTH-TIPS,
                 Brodatz32, UIUCTex, UMD, CUReT.},
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