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  annote =       {This paper summarises state-of-the-art in feature
                  selection and classification for medical
                  purposes. The main focus is put on sonographic
                  imaging, especially images of the thyroid
                  gland. State-of-the-art covers related works dealing
                  with feature selection and classification (i) in
                  general, (ii) for medical purposes, and (iii) for
                  thyroid gland diseases. It also summarizes works
                  that deal with the task of different scanners and
                  digitizer setting, which may lead to different
                  classification results. The second part of this
                  paper describes our methods and experiences with
                  feature selection and classification applied on
                  sonographic images of thyroid gland. It deals with
                  generating features from sonographic textural images
                  and reproducibility under different sonograph
                  settings. The last part involves tentative plan for
                  future work to conclude PhD thesis.},
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