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  annote = {Repeated structures such as building facades, fences or
                  road markings often represent a significant
                  challenge for place recognition. Repeated structures
                  are notoriously hard fo restablishing
                  correspondences using multi-view geometry. Even more
                  importantly, they violate the feature independence
                  assumed in the bag-of-visual-words representation
                  which often leads to over-counting evidence and
                  significant degradation of retrieval performance. In
                  this work we show that repeated structures are not a
                  nuisance but, when appropriately represented, they
                  fo rm an important distinguishing feature for many
                  places. We describe a representation of repeat ed
                  structures suitable for scalable retrieval. It is
                  based on robust detection of repeated ima ge
                  structures and a simple modification of weights in
                  the bag-of-visual-word model. Place reco gnition
                  results are shown on datasets of street-level
                  imagery from Pittsburgh and San Francisc o
                  demonstrating significant gains in recognition
                  performance compared to the standard bag-of-v
                  isual-words baseline and more recently proposed
                  burstiness weighting.},
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