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  annote = { We formulate multiple view geometry for 3D reconstruction
    using a spherical-camera model as a normalized camera model
    expressing all central cameras.  In the sense of geometry, a
    central camera is a collection of all rays incident to one point.
    Generally speaking, most cameras that are widely-used in the field
    of computer vision and robot vision are designed to fall into the
    central camera.  This is because geometric and algebraic
    expressions of central cameras are simple compared to ones of
    non-central cameras.  In the history of computer vision, the
    conventional cameras are modeled as pinhole cameras.  However, the
    pinhole-camera model can not express catadioptric, dioptric, and
    panoramic cameras that also belong to the central cameras.  For
    the use of the spherical-camera model as the normalized camera
    model of central cameras, we formulate the epipolar geometry and
    trifocal tensor for the recovery of the camera motions.  The
    formulation based on spherical cameras simplifies the analysis of
    camera systems involving many different central cameras.  },
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