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  annote = {In this paper, we present a pipeline for camera pose and
    trajectory estimation, and image stabilization and rectification
    for dense as well as wide baseline omnidirectional images. The
    proposed pipeline transforms a set of images taken by a single
    hand-held camera to a set of stabilized and rectified images
    augmented by the computed camera 3D trajectory and reconstruction
    of feature points facilitating visual object recognition. The
    paper generalizes previous works on camera trajectory estimation
    done on perspective images to omnidirectional images and
    introduces a new technique for omnidirectional image rectification
    that is suited for recognizing people and cars in images. The
    performance of the pipeline is demonstrated on real image
    sequences acquired in urban as well as natural environments.},
  c_annote = {V t{\'e}to pr{\'a}ci p{\v r}edstavujeme
    z{\v r}et{\v e}zen{\'\i} algoritm{\r u} k odhadu trajektorie
    kamery, stabilizaci obraz{\r u} a jejich narovn{\'a}n{\'\i}
    pro hust{\'e} i {\v r}{\'\i}dk{\'e} v{\v s}esm{\v e}rov{\'e}
    sekvence. Navr{\v z}en{\'e} algoritmy transformuj{\'\i} sadu
    obraz{\r u} po{\v r}{\'\i}zen{\'y}ch kamerou dr{\v z}enou v
    ruce do sady stabilizovan{\'y}ch a narovnan{\'y}ch obraz{\r u}
    spolu se spo{\v c}{\'\i}tanou 3D trajektori{\'\i} kamery
    a rekonstrukc{\'\i} v{\'y}zna{\v c}n{\'y}ch bod{\r u}
    usnad{\v n}uj{\'\i}c{\'\i} vizu{\'a}ln{\'\i}
    rozpozn{\'a}v{\'a}n{\'\i}. {\v C}l{\'a}nek zobec{\v n}uje
    p{\v r}edchoz{\'\i} pr{\'a}ce zab{\'y}vaj{\'\i}c{\'\i} se odhadem
    trajektorie perspektivn{\'\i} kamery pro p{\v r}{\'\i}pad
    v{\v s}esm{\v e}rov{\'e} kamery a p{\v r}in{\'a}{\v s}{\'\i} novou
    techniku narovn{\'a}n{\'\i} v{\v s}esm{\v e}rov{\'e}ho obrazu
    vhodnou pro rozpozn{\'a}v{\'a}n{\'\i} lid{\'\i} a aut v obrazech.
    V{\'y}po{\v c}et p{\v r}edv{\'a}d{\'\i}me na re{\'a}ln{\'y}ch
    sekvenc{\'\i}ch po{\v r}{\'\i}zen{\'y}ch v m{\v e}stsk{\'e}m i
    v p{\v r}{\'\i}rodn{\'\i}m prost{\v r}ed{\'\i}.},
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