UPDATE  = {2008-12-16},
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  annote = {This work describes a method of 3D model reconstruction
    from images that takes provided disparity maps as an input and
    fuses them into a consistent 3D model. Camera parameters are
    re-estimated in the procedure as well. Occlusion boundary
    artifacts are reduced and holes in disparity maps interpolated
    over. The result of stereo matching is a disparity map created
    from correspondences between images. Every map holds information
    only from the overlapping regions of source image pair. If all
    maps from the view of one camera are compared, it shows that for
    some points in the image the values from dierent pairs are not
    consistent. This is caused by noise in the images, inaccurately
    estimated parameters of the cameras and errors in the stereo
    algorithm. The goal of this work is to make use of the information
    fusion and nd the optimal depth maps. These depth maps are chosen
    as the representation of surface for the output 3D photography. On
    real-world scenes is shown that this representation outperforms
    the currently used fish-scales in continuous and more detailed
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