UPDATE  = { 2010-02-18 },
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  authorship =	 {50-50},
  annote = {In this paper we propose a pipeline for accurate 3D
    reconstruction from multiple images that deals with some of the
    possible sources of inaccuracy present in the input data. Namely,
    we address the problem of inaccurate camera calibration by
    including a method adjusting the camera parameters in a global
    structure-and-motion problem, which is solved with a depth map for
    representation that is suitable to large scenes. Secondly, we take
    the triangular mesh and calibration improved by the global method
    in the first phase to refine the surface both geometrically and
    radiometrically. Here we propose surface energy which combines
    photoconsistency with contour matching and minimize it with a
    gradient descent method. Our main contribution lies in effective
    computation of the gradient that naturally regularization and data
    terms by employing scale space approach. The results are
    demonstrated on standard high-resolution datasets and a complex
    outdoor scene. },
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