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annote =      {We propose a method for detection of mirror-symmetric
                  objects in images, based on matching of keypoints
                  detected from covariant features and contours. A
                  set of tentative correspondences is selected from
                  all pairs of keypoints based on the similarity of
                  rotated and mirrored descriptors of local
                  appearance.  A generative probabilistic model of
                  reflection symmetry includes keypoint similarity,
                  geometric errors, and parameter priors. Symmetry
                  detection for a given input image is performed by a
                  randomized algorithm based on rigorous two-level
                  Bayesian inference, where the most probable number
                  of symmetric objects is inferred along with their
                  parameters. Results show state-of-the art
                  performance on a public benchmark dataset using an
                  inference mechanism that is not engineered for this
                  particular application.},
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