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  annote = {We address the problem of fast and accurate localization
    of miniature surgical instruments like needles or electrodes using
    3D ultrasound (US). An algorithm based on maximizing a~Parallel
    Integral Transform (PIP) can automatically localize line-shaped
    objects in 3D US images with accuracy on the order of hundreds of
    micrometers. Here we propose to use a~multi-resolution to
    accelerate the algorithm significantly.  We use a~maximum function
    for downsampling to preserve the high intensity voxels of a~thin
    electrode.  We integrate the multi-resolution pyramid into
    a~hierarchical mesh-grid search of PIP. The experiments with
    a~tissue mimicking phantom and breast biopsy data show that
    proposed method works well on real US images. The speed-up is
    threefold compared to original PIP method with the same accuracy
    0.4~mm. A~further speed-up up to 16 times is reached by an~early
    stopping of the optimization, at the expense of some loss of
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