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    new model of a surgical tool appearance in 3D ultrasound image is
    proposed which exploits its tubular shape. The tool axis is
    estimated with robust model fitting using a randomized RANSAC
    procedure. The tool model requires the voxels close to the axis to
    have a high intensity, high tubularness, and the local principal
    directions to be consistent with the tool axis.  The visual
    contrast of the tool can be enhanced four-fold using line
    filtering. We demonstrate that classification rate is improved by
    25-40% when adding the tubularness attribute. The comparison to
    other state-of-the-art localization methods shows that the
    proposed method is the most robust for data with high level of
    noise at the expense of additional time for pre-processing (less
    than 10 seconds for volume of size 53x71x260 voxels). },
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