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  annote = {We present a validation study for TremAn-a tool for
                  automatic detection of tremor and measurement of its
                  frequency from video recordings. To assess the
                  validity of TremAn we designed a study consisting of
                  tremor assessment from video, by accelerometry and
                  by clinical evaluation using Fahn-Tolosa-Marin
                  scale. 26 patients with essential tremor and 5
                  healthy volunteers underwent the examination in four
                  standardized positions with focus on the hand
                  tremor. Results showed that the frequencies of
                  tremor measured with TremAn and with accelerometry
                  are closely related, attaining agreement with less
                  than 0.1 Hz difference in 80% and less than 0.5 Hz
                  in 94% of measured samples. The reproducibility of
                  frequency measurements using TremAn was comparable
                  to the accelerometry, with the TremAn/accelerometry
                  ratio of measurement error standard deviations equal
                  to 0.99(95% confidence interval (0.84, 1.17)).},
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