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                  with near-frontal views and there is only a few
                  really multi-view detectors available, that are
                  capable of detection in a wide range of yaw angle
                  (e.g. $phi in (-90, 90)$).  We
                  describe a multi-view facial landmark detector based
                  on the Deformable Part Models, which treats the
                  problem of the simultaneous landmark detection and
                  the viewing angle estimation within a structured
                  output classification framework.  We prese nt an
                  easily extensible and flexible framework which
                  provides a real-time performance on the ``in the
                  wild'' images, evaluated on a challenging
                  ``Annotated Facial Landmarks in the Wild''
                  database. We show that our det ector achieves better
                  results than the current state of the art in terms
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