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  annote =      {Many machine learning algorithms lead to solving a
    convex regularized risk minimization problem. Despite its
    convexity the problem is often very demanding in practice due to a
    high number of variables or a complex objective function. The
    Bundle Method for Risk Minimization (BMRM) is a recently proposed
    method for minimizing a generic regularized risk. Unlike the
    approximative methods, the BMRM algorithm comes with convergence
    guarantees but it is often too slow in practice. We propose a
    modified variant of the BMRM algorithm which decomposes the
    objective function into several parts and approximates each part
    by a separate cutting plane model instead of a single cutting
    plane model used in the original BMRM. The finer approximation of
    the objective function can significantly decrease the number of
    iterations at the expense of higher memory requirements. A
    preliminary experimental comparison shows promising results.},
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