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   annote    = {We propose a principled approach to supervised
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     Part Models (DPM). We treat the task of landmarks detection as an
     instance of the structured output classification. To learn the
     parameters of the detector we use the Structured Output Support
     Vector Machines algorithm. The objective function of the learning
     algorithm is directly related to the performance of the detector
     and controlled by the user-defined loss function, in contrast to
     the previous works. Our proposed detector is real-time on a
     standard computer, simple to implement and easily modifiable for
     detection of various set of landmarks. We evaluate the
     performance of our detector on a challenging ``Labeled Faces in
     the Wild'' (LFW) database. The empirical results show that our
     detector consistently outperforms two public domain
     implementations based on the Active Appearance Models and the
     DPM. We are releasing open-source code implementing our proposed
     detector along with the manual annotation of seven facial
     landmarks for nearly all images in the LFW database.},
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