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  annote =       {Tato zpr{\'a}va shrnuje v{\'y}sledky anal{\'y}zy a
                  v{\'y}voje funk{\v c}n{\'\i}ho vzorku programu pro
                  vyhled{\'a}v{\'a}n{\'\i} p{\v r}edem dan{\'y}ch
                  grafick{\'y}ch symbol\accent23u v obr{\'a}zku u{\v
                  z}ivatelsk{\'e}ho rozhran{\'\i} rozvodny. Zpr{\'a}va
                  upozor{\v n}uje na n{\v e}kter{\'e} neo{\v c}ek{\'a}van{\'e}
                  vlastnosti obraz\accent23u grafick{\'y}ch symbol\accent23u v
                  obraze rozvodny. Navrhli jsme metodu
                  vyhled{\'a}v{\'a}n{\'\i} symbol\accent23u zalo{\v z}enou na
                  korelaci obrazu rozvodny a obrazu
                  symbolu. Implementavan{\'a} metoda doc{\'\i}lila na
                  u{\v z}ivatelem dodan{\'y}ch testovac{\'\i}ch datech
                  uspokojiv{\'y}ch v{\'y}sledk\accent23u s t{\'\i}m, {\v z}e
                  zpr{\'a}va ukazuje, kter{\'e} vlastnosti je mo{\v z}n{\'e}
                  p{\v r}i fin{\'a}ln{\'\i} implementaci d{\'a}le zlep{\v
e_annote = {The report describes results of analysis and SW prototype
                  development for searching graphical symbols in
                  Graphical user interface of switching
                  station. Unexpected properties of the raster image
                  samples were documented. The method for searching
                  the symbols in raster images of electrical diagrams
                  was proposed and experimentally implemented. The
                  results of experiments were good and improvements
                  both in the target implementation and GUI
                  development were proposed.},
  keywords =     {pattern recognition, raster images, user interface, SW
  comment =      {Confidential. HS s firmou ABB, nevim, jake ma cislo a zda je
                  to vubec relevantni.},