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  annote = {LP relaxation approach to soft constraint optimisation
    (i.e. MAP-MRF) has been mostly considered only for binary
    problems.  We present its generalisation to n-ary problems,
    including a simple algorithm to optimise the LP bound, n-ary
    max-sum diffusion. As applications, we show that a hierarchy of
    gradually tighter polyhedral relaxations of MAP-MRF is obtained by
    adding zero interactions. We propose a cutting plane algorithm,
    where cuts correspond to adding zero interactions and the
    separation problem to finding an unsatisfiable constraint
    satisfaction subproblem.  Next, we show that certain high-arity
    interactions, e.g. certain global constraints, can be included
    into the framework in a principled way.  Finally, we prove that
    n-ary max-sum diffusion finds global optimum for n-ary
    supermodular problems.},
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