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 annote = {Adaptation of a tracking procedure combined in a common way
   with a Kalman filter is formulated as an constrained optimization
   problem, where a trade-off between precision and loss-of-lock
   probability is explicitly taken into account. While the tracker is
   learned in order to minimize computational complexity during a
   learning stage, in a tracking stage the precision is maximized
   online under a constraint imposed by the loss-of-lock probability
   resulting in an optimal setting of the tracking procedure. We
   experimentally show that the proposed method converges to a steady
   solution in all variables.  In contrast to a common Kalman filter
   based tracking, we achieve a significantly lower state covariance
   matrix.  We also show, that if the covariance matrix is
   continuously updated, the method is able to adapt to a different
   situations. If a dynamic model is precise enough the tracker is
   allowed to spend a longer time with a fine motion estimation,
   however, if the motion gets saccadic, i.e.  unpredictable by the
   dynamic model, the method automatically gives up the precision in
   order to avoid loss-of-lock.},
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