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    c}ovan{\'y} detektor postupn{\v e} rozhoduje o p{\v r}{\'
    \i}tomnosti (resp. nep{\v r}{\' \i}tomnosti) sledovan{\'e}ho
    objektu na vybran{\'e} (pod)mno{\v z}in{\v e} pozic v jednotliv{\'y}ch
    sn{\' i}mc{\' \i}ch dan{\'e} sekvence. V t{\'e}to pr{\'a}ci
    experiment{\'a}tln{\v e} porovn{\'a}v{\'a}me metodu zalo{\v z}enou na
    detektoru Adaboost s metedou p{\v r}{\'\i}m{\'e}ho
    porovn{\'a}n{\'\i} s vzorem vzhledu objektu (templatem).},
  e_annote = {One of the important task in computer vision is tracking
    of unknown objects in real time. Due to continuous increase of the
    computational performance, tracking methods based on detection are
    used more frequently. Online learned detector sequentially decides
    the presence (or absence) of the object on the selected (sub) set
    of positions in a image frame. In this work we compare method
    based on Adaboost detector with method based on direct comparison
    of image with object template.},
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