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  annote = { We propose a novel representation of local image
    structure and a matching scheme that are insensitive to a wide
    range of appearance changes. The representation is a collection of
    local affine frames that are constructed on outer boundaries of
    maximally stable extremal regions (MSERs) in an affine-covariant
    way. Each local affine frame is de- scribed by a relative location
    of other local affine frames in its neighborhood. The image is
    thus represented by quan- tities that depend only on the location
    of the boundaries of MSERs. Inter-image correspondences between
    local affine frames are formed in constant time by geometric
    hashing. Direct detection of local affine frames removes the
    require- ment of point-based hashing to establish reference frames
    in a combinatorial way, which has in the case of affine trans-
    form complexity that is cubic in the number of points.  Local
    affine frames, which are also the quantities represented in the
    hash table, occupy a 6D space and hence data collisions are less
    likely compared with 2D point hashing. Experimentally, the
    robustness of the method and its in- sensitivity to photometric
    changes is demonstrated on im- ages from different spectral bands
    of satellite sensor, on images of a transparent object and on
    images of an object taken during day and night. },
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