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  annote = {Loss-of-track detection (tracking validation) and
    automatic tracker adaptation to new object appearances are
    attractive topics in computer vision. We apply very efficient
    learnable sequential predictors in order to address both
    issues. Validation is done by clustering of the sequential
    predictor responses. No aditional object model for validation is
    needed. The paper also proposes an incremental learning procedure
    that accommodates changing object appearance, which mainly
    improves the recall of the tracker/detector.  Exemplars for the
    incremental learning are collected automatically, no user
    interaction is required. The aditional training examples are
    selected automatically using the tracker stability computed for
    each potential aditional training example. Coupled with a sparsely
    applied SIFT or SURF based detector the method is employed for
    object localization in videos. Our Matlab implementation scans
    videosequences up to eight times faster than the actual frame
    rate. A standard-length movie can be thus searched through in
    terms of minutes.},
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