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  annote =      {Wide-baseline matching focussing on problems with
                  extreme viewpoint change is considered. We in
                  troduce the use of view synthesis with
                  affine-covariant detectors to solve such problems
                  and show that matching with the Hessian-Affine or
                  MSER detectors outperforms the state-of-the-art
                  ASIFT [19].  To minimise the loss of speed caused by
                  view synthesis, we propose the Matching On Demand
                  with view Synthesis algorithm (MODS) that uses
                  progressively more synthesized images and more
                  (time-consuming) detectors until reliable estimation
                  of geometry is possible. We show experimentally that
                  the MODS algorithm solves problems beyond the
                  state-of-the-art and yet is comparable in speed to
                  standard wide-baseline matchers on simpler problems.
                  Minor contributions include an improved method for
                  tentative correspondence selection, applicable both
                  with and without view synthesis and a view synthesis
                  setup greatly improving MSER robustness to blur and
                  scale change that increase its running time by 10%
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