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   Methods based on distinguished regions (transformation covariant
   detectable regions) have achieved considerable success in object
   recognition, retrieval and matching problems in both still images and
   videos. The chapter focuses on a method exploiting local coordinate
   systems (local affine frames) established on maximally stable
   extremal regions. We provide a taxonomy of affine-covariant
   constructions of local coordinate systems, prove their affine
   covariance and present algorithmic details on their computation.

   Exploiting processes proposed for computation of affine-invariant
   local frames of reference, tentative region-to-region correspondences
   are established. Object recognition is formulated as a problem of
   finding a maximal set of geometrically consistent matches.

   State of the art results are reported on standard, publicly
   available, object recognition tests (COIL-100, ZuBuD, FOCUS). Change
   of scale, illumination conditions, out-of-plane rotation, occlusion ,
   locally anisotropic scale change and 3D translation of the viewpoint
   are all present in the test problems. },
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