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  annote = {We propose a new affine-covariant feature, the Stable
    Affine Frame (SAF). SAFs lie on the boundary of extremal regions,
    ie. on isophotes. Instead of requiring the whole isophote to be
    stable with respect to intensity perturbation as in maximally
    stable extremal regions (MSERs), stability is required only
    locally, for the primitives constituting the three-point
    frames. The primitives are extracted by an affine invariant
    process that exploits properties of bitangents and algebraic
    moments. Thus, instead of using closed stable isophotes, ie.
    MSERs, and detecting affine frames on them, SAFs are sought even
    on some unstable extremal regions. We show experimentally on
    standard datasets that SAFs have repeatability comparable to the
    best affine covariant detectors and consistently produce a
    significantly higher number of features per image. Moreover, the
    features cover images more evenly than MSERs, which facilitates
    robustness to occlusion.},
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