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  annote =      {This paper investigates the plausibility of using
                  approximate models for hypothesis generation in a
                  RANSAC framework to accurately and reliably estimate
                  the fundamental matrix. Two novel fundamental matrix
                  estimators are introduced that sample two
                  correspondences to generate affine-fundamental
                  matrices for RANSAC hypotheses. A new RANSAC
                  framework is presented that uses local optimization
                  to estimate the fundamental matrix from the
                  consensus correspondence sets of verified hy-
                  potheses, which are approximate models. The proposed
                  estimators are shown to perform better than other
                  approximate models that have previously been used in
                  the literature for fundamental matrix estimation in
                  a rigorous evaluation. In addition the proposed
                  estimators are over 30 times faster, in terms of
                  models verified, than the 7-point method, and offer
                  comparable accuracy and repeatability on a large
                  subset of the test set.},
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