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  annote = {We propose a novel MRF-based model for deformable image
    matching. Given two images, the task is to estimate a mapping from
    one image to the other maximizing the quality of the match. We
    consider mappings defined by a discrete deformation field
    constrained to preserve 2D continuity. We pose the task as finding
    MAP configurations of a pairwise MRF. We propose a more compact
    MRF representation of the problem which leads to a weaker, though
    computationally more tractable, linear programming relaxation -
    the approximation technique we choose to apply. The number of dual
    LP variables grows linearly with the search window side, rather
    than quadratically as in previous approaches. To solve the relaxed
    problem (suboptimally), we apply TRW-S (Sequential Tree-Reweighted
    Message passing) algorithm [Wainwright-03,Kolmogorov-05]. Using
    our representation and the chosen optimization scheme, we are able
    to match much wider deformations than was considered previously in
    global optimization framework. We further elaborate on continuity
    and data terms to achieve more appropriate description of smooth
    deformations. The performance of our technique is demonstrated on
    both synthetic and real-world experiments},
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