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    Ffirst, the Fast Features Invariant to Rotation and Scale of
    Texture, is introduced. New rotation invariants are proposed,
    extending the LBP-HF features, improving the recognition
    accuracy. Using the full set of LBP features, as opposed to
    uniform only, leads to further improvement. Linear Support Vector
    Machines with an approximate chi2 kernel map are used for fast and
    precise classification.  Experimental results show that Ffirst
    exceeds the best reported results in texture classification on
    three difficult datasets KTH-TIPS2a, KTH-TIPS2b and ALOT,
    achieving 88%, 76% and 96% accuracy respectively. The recognition
    rates are above 99% on standard texture datasets KTH-TIPS,
    Brodatz32, UIUCTex, UMD, CUReT.},
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