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                  aims at comparing sho rt-term single-object visual
                  trackers that do not apply pre-learned models of
                  object appea rance. Results of 38 trackers are
                  presented. The number of tested trackers makes VOT
                  2014 the largest benchmark on short-term tracking to
                  date. For each participating tracker, a sh ort
                  description is provided in the appendix. Features of
                  the VOT2014 challenge that go bey ond its VOT2013
                  predecessor are introduced: (i) a new VOT2014
                  dataset with full annotation of targets by rotated
                  bounding boxes and per-frame attribute, (ii)
                  extensions of the VOT2 013 evaluation methodology,
                  (iii) a new unit for tracking speed assessment less
                  dependent on the hardware and (iv) the VOT2014
                  evaluation toolkit that significantly speeds up
                  execu tion of experiments. The dataset, the
                  evaluation kit as well as the results are publicly a
                  vailable at the challenge website
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