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	annote = {In this paper we introduce the concept of Adaptive
                  Traversability (AT), which we define as means of
                  autonomous motion control adapting the robot
                  morphology config uration of articulated parts and
                  their compliances to traverse unknown complex
                  terrain wit h obstacles in an optimal way. We verify
                  this concept by proposing a reinforcement learnin g
                  based AT algorithm for mobile robots operating in
                  such conditions. We demonstrate the fu nctionality
                  by training the AT algorithm under lab conditions on
                  simple EUR-pallet obstacl es and then testing it
                  successfully on natural obstacles in a forest. For
                  quantitative eva luation we define a metrics based
                  on comparison with expert operator. Exploiting the
                  propo sed AT algorithm significantly decreases the
                  cognitive load of the operator.},
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