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CMP Newcomer’s Guide

CMP Newcomer’s Guide

1. Introduction, aim of the document

This guide summarizes steps and procedures the newcomer (a new employee, a new PhD student, a new bachelor or master student contributing to the CMP team) is advised to follow when starting being a member of the Center for Machine Perception (= CMP), an unit bridging several groups of the Department of Cybernetics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics, and Cybernetics, both parts of the Czech Technical University in Prague.

CMP attempts at providing a creative atmosphere, the infrastructure and a friendly administrative support to its members.

CMP members consist of academic staff, research staff, PhD students, students working on research projects with CMP members and administrative staff. This guide is not intended for short time CMP visitors.

Each newcomer should have a CMP host. This is usually a person dedicated to this role by the head of the team to which a new employee/student comes or the CMP supervisor in the case of a new student who is going to pursue a bachelor, master or PhD project in CMP. If the host has not been assigned then the newcomer should try to contact the to-be host first. If this does not work then CMP secretariat should be contacted.

CMP is located at the Karlovo namesti campus of the Czech Technical University in Prague. The postal address is

The Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Cybernetics
Karlovo namesti 13
121 35 Praha 2
Czech Republic

The visiting address just adds

Building G, Room G102 (secretariat of the CMP)

2. The scope of CMP administrative services

  1. Administrative support of CMP projects (applications, accounting, reporting).
  2. Stipends to CMP students according to advisor's instruction.
  3. Purchase orders, invoices, minor expenditures.
  4. Social events of CMP, business lunches (reservations, catering).
  5. CMP library, lending books to people from the outside of CMP;.
  6. Traveling CMP members on business trips and CMP visitors (travel approval request, travel reimbursement claims, fees, transportation, accommodation, per diem, cash in foreign currency).

3. Steps of a short term visitor

CMP secretariat helps with the accommodation or visa if it is needed. The visitor should come to CMP secretariat right after her/his arrival. The visitor card and the office key will be lent there. The desk will be assigned to the CMP visitor by the visitor’s host in cooperation with CMP secretariat. The host can ask CMP computer system support (lead by Mr. Dan Vecerka (, phone extension 7396) to create her/his CMP user account if needed. The wireless connection to the CMP network is available. The description how to connect to CMP network is

4. Steps of a newcomer student or employee

The newcomer should visit the CMP secretariat first. This should help the newcomer to start  other steps. CMP secretariat is located in the CTU campus Karlovo namesti, building G, room G102. Talk to Ms. Hana Pokorna (, phone extension 7669).

         It has to be checked if the newcomer has a live record in the CTU information system (e.g., because she/he has been a student or an employee). Such a person has her/his CTU email address, etc. If this the case then follow to section “4.2 Existing CTU employee or student”.


4.1  A new CTU employee or student

  1. Temporary visitor’s access card.
            If the CMP novice member does not have a CTU card then she/he is given a visitor’s card by the
    CMP secretariat. The visitor card serves for her/him only temporarily. The card opens the entrance to the building G from the yard side, corridors and those offices, which the visitor needs for her/his for work. The rights to access a particular door can be changed by the CMP secretariat on request.
            The card should be returned to the CMP secretariat when the regular CTU card is issued.
  2. Human resources affairs for the new employee.
    Human resources are dealt with at the level of the Department of Cybernetics by Mrs. Kristina Lukesova (building E, room E-217, phone extension 7666).

  3. CTU Card.
               The new CMP staff member has to provide a portrait photo to the CMP secretary, which will be used for issuing the personal card. The photo will be returned back. It takes usually five working days to create a new card.

                PhD student has to arrange her/his student card by herself/himself. The Card

centre will issue student/ISIC card. You can find it at the following address: Bechyňova 3,

            Praha 6 – Dejvice.

  1. Web and the user account.

        The CMP secretary will fill the new person into CMP web/people page, which results in  

creation of a user account at CMP Linux-based system. Each CMP employee and student should create her/his own web page with a photo. This page can be linked to the CMP web/people page by a new staff member or a student.

Each CMP employee and student has also his own personal page in a database of Department of Cybernetics. This page shall contain the link to the more detailed personal page at CMP web. Everybody edits his personal web at department of cybernetics through internal pages – bookmark “osobní údaje – databáze osob”.

  1. Business card.

        Each CMP employee and PhD student should have her/his own professional business card arranged by CMP. Ask CMP secretariat to arrange it.

4.2  Existing CTU employee or student

  1. Personal access card, granting permission to access CMP premises.
    The CMP secretariat enables the access of the cardholder to the CMP building, corridors and rooms, to which the novice’s staff member or visitor has a business to do.
  2. Web and account.
    The CMP secretary will fill the novice member to CMP web/people, which results in creation of the account at CMP Linux-based system.
  3. Redirecting the email 
    from the email address, which the newcomer actually reads.

5. Glossary of terms

  • CMP Center for Machine Perception – is the informal unit serving as the university research center performing fundamental and applied research in computer vision, robotics, machine learning, pattern recognition, and mathematics. CMP bridges several groups at the Department of Cybernetics and at the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics, and Cybernetics. CMP members are Czech Technical University employees belonging participating groups, students working with these employees closely and visitors.
  • CMP member – an employee, student or visitor in the scope of CMP.
  • CMP host – takes care of the newcomer from the work, administrative and social view.
  • CMP secretariat – provides administrative help, Building G, room 102.
  • CMP team leader – leads a particular CMP research project. She/he is a boss of the particular newcomer, provides money and is a host to the newcomer or assigns another person as a host from his team.
  • CMP supervisor – a supervisor of a bachelor, master or PhD project from CMP

6. Document authors and modification history

Vaclav Hlavac, Radka Kopecka (was the CMP secretary till Oct 2013), Pavla Maresova (was the CMP administrative assistant since 201ě to Oct 2013), Hana Pokorna 

This document modifications, last ones first:

  • August 12, 2015 VH and PI (Petra Ivaničová) document update
  • June 23, 2015 VH document update
  • May 13, 2014, VH document update
  • November 18, 2013, PM document update
  • April 22, 2013, VH+RK+PM check and modification before the release
  • January 10, 2013, RK+PM, factual additions
  • October 15, 2012, VH, improvements, extension of the team by Pavla Maresova
  • September 7, 2012, VH, initial version