Voda 2006

Dear members and friends of CMP,
The usual canoe-weekend will take a place from 26.5 to 28.5. at the river Horni Vltava, which is located in Sumava Mountains. The estimated price is 700CZK/person (overpayment will be returned after the trip). Registration is possible from today upto the time when 45 people will have been registered. Registration will be accepted by me (vlc@cmp.felk.cvut.cz) or by Martin Bujnak (bujnam1@cmp.felk.cvut.cz) and will be officially valid since the time you pay the full price.

If you register by email, please send this information:
  1. How many adults do you register, how many children
  2. What own material do you have (boats, barrels, ...) and if you need any life jackets and barrels
  3. If you know, with whom do you want to share the boat
Please, hurry up with your registration, if you are interested in the canoe-trip.

MenoPocet osob (asi) + detskáPocet lodíPoznámka
Tomás Werner10.51 padlo 0.5 barela
Vladimír Smutný1 + 112 padla, 2 dospele a jednu detskou vestu, barel
Zuzana Kadava424 padla
Mirko Navara212 padla, barel
Jirí ®ára5+224 padla + 1 detske, 3 vesty + 2 detske vesty, 4 barely
Jan Cech10.51 padlo + 0.5 barelu
Martin Matouaek10.51 padlo + 0.5 barelu
©tepán Obdrlálek10.51 padlo + 0.5 barelu
Alexander Shekhovtsov10.51 padlo + 0.5 barelu
Lukás Cerman10.51 padlo + 0.5 barelu
Pavol Vlcek10.51 padlo + 0.5 barelu + vesta
Milan Petrík10.51 padlo + 0.5 barelu
Michal Havlena212 padla + barel + 2 vesty
Vlastimil Havran10.51 padla + 0.5 barelu + vesta
Ivan Medonos31.53 padla + 1.5 barelu + 3 vesty
(already registered)

The Real Adventure Begins:

We will sleep in our own tents in camping Soumarsky most:
Preliminary program:
More information about the river click here and for the camp click here (both only in the czech language). Do not hesitate with the registration because the number of participants is limited upto 45 people!!

Pavol Vlcek & Martin Bujnak