XE383ZS Signal and image processing, Imaging part, Summer Term 2007/2008

XE383ZS Signal and image processing, Imaging part, Summer Term 2007/2008

Messages for course participants

<2008-04-25 15:01> The schedule of labs changed. According to our discussion we moved it to Mondays 14:30-16:00, the same room, K220. We start on Monday 28th April. The Friday 25th April is the last Friday lab.

<2008-04-23 05:49> We apologize for incomplete informations about submitting assignments. The deadline for the first assignment was prolongated to April 27. Please read the instructions.

<2008-04-18 16:41> I kindly ask all course participants, send me a contact email with subject XE383ZS. I would also appreciate a very short description of your branch of study at your home university.

Grades and exams

Examination dates: Fr 23 May (7:30 G205), Tue 3 June (7:30 Dejvice C3-135), Thu 26 June (7:30 Dejvice room A4-205)

The imaging part of the course has the same rules as the signal one. You may get 15 points for the assignments and 35 points for the written exam (closed book). The minimal requirements are 6 points for the labs and 12 points for the exam. After the evaluating the written part there might be a complementary short oral exam that may add or subtract 10 points. The negative possibility is seldom used. You can also gain some extra points during the labs for for finding errors in support materials and especially in the book.

Summing all points: 0-49 insufficient (4), 50-66 well (3), 67-83 very well (2), and 84-100 excellent (1).


We will use few chapters from the following books. Few copies are available and can be borrowed from the CMP library.

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