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XEP33VKR - Selected Topics in Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision
a.k.a. Reading Group

Extent:0+3, examination, 4 credits
Semester:  Winter (formally, but the course continues in the summer semester, we work all the year).
Lecturer: Mirko Navara

The course will take place on Tuesday or Thursday 10:00-12:30 (max. 13:00) approximately once a month (not regularly, each Reading Group is announced separately) in room G205, building G, Karlovo nam. 13, CTU Prague. It is organized by the CMP group.

The course will go on as usual, although these pages look old; due to access problems, updates were not made here, but the course continues every year.


The course deals (not only) with fundamental results from computer vision, pattern recognition, mathematics of uncertainty, and knowledge-based systems. Emphasis is put on analysis of images and videos, the use of semantical information, and pattern recognition. The course treats selected key classical results, as well as latest fields of research. It is aimed at a detailed study of some principles and procedures which substantially influence the development in this branch. Education is performed in the form of a reading group.

Seminars 2013/2014

July 14, 2015, 10:00 in G205, James Pritts presenting
        Andrew Delong, Anton Osokin, Hossam N. Isack, and Yuri Boykov: "Fast Approximate Energy Minimization with Label Costs"
        In: CVPR 2010.