Robot Color Object Tracking

This demo shows a 5-DOF robotic hand holding a camera and performing object tracking. The robot is first shown the object in order to learn its color. Next, the robot's task is to track the object by keeping its image in the middle of the visual field of the camera.


MPEG-1 (2M), RealPlayer (600K) (17s)
The robot (blue) is tracking a hand-held yellow object. Lower-right is the entire scene taped by a video camera, top left is the image sequence from the camera held by the robot, and top right there is a window showing the recognized object as it moves in the visual field. The green bar is showing the robot status is OK.

MPEG-1 (2M), RealPlayer (600K) (17s)
This sequence shows the robot from the point of view of the object being tracked.

MPEG-1 (2M), RealPlayer (600K) (14s)
This is a tracking sequence as the robot camera sees it. The little white cross points where the robot thinks is the object.

MPEG-1 (11M), RealPlayer (3M) (1m50s)
The demo shows also the learning phase (the robot is shown a blue object with a red rim) and the tracking phase.